Why choose us?

Why choose the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute to help you excel in your aesthetics career?

As a globally-recognised Facial Aesthetic Training Institute, hundreds of thousands of doctors, dentists, medical nurses and other medical professionals have trained here since we opened all the way back in 1997.

We take immense pride in our courses to ensure that the teaching program is always of the highest standard. Our aesthetics training courses focus heavily on the safe & predictable techniques that Prof Bob Khanna has been developing, using and updating, for well over 2 decades. Our aim is to help the next generation of practitioners confidently deliver safe and effective results for their patients.

We give our assurance that your professional development, in this most dynamic and exciting field is in the hands of the most competent of trainers.


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Approved by the Royal Society for Public Health

We’re the first medical aesthetics training provider in the UK to be approved by the Royal Society of Public Health! This is a direct reflection of the high standards we hold here. It also means our delegates are able to work their way up to a QCCP qualification; an official RSPH approved qualification.

Certified Save Face Accredited Training Provider

This accreditation demonstrates that the practitioner has verifiable certificates of training for the procedures encompassed within their courses. In addition, the provider has completed an assessment against the Save Face Essential Curriculum and confirmed learning and competency standards have been met. More information.

Both theory and hands on

Each course runs over a full day and consists of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions on live models.

Professor Bob Khanna

All of our aesthetic training courses are taught directly by Professor Bob Khanna personally, who has over 25 years experience in teaching, and is appointed (visiting) Professor of Facial Aesthetics at both the University of Seville and the University of Vienna. Learn more about Prof Bob here. 

Flexible Learning

Our core courses are structured in Modules. We have specifically placed courses together so that you are able to treat patients for the most commonly asked procedures, based on complexity levels. If, however, you do not wish to complete a whole module, you do not have to. An example would be; If you just wanted to do one out of the three dermal filler courses contained in Module 2, you are welcome to do so. However, our courses focus on a holistic approach, so we would definitely recommend to complete entire modules where appropriate.

Dedicated Facilities

We have a dedicated state-of-the-art training institute and clinical facility, purpose-built to be the perfect learning environment. We are also a training course partner with the UK’s leading insurance provider, Hamilton Fraser.

Voted 5/5

We’re voted 5/5 by our delegates. See our reviews here.

Partners with Hamilton Fraser

We’re partners with the UK’s leading insurance provider, Hamilton Fraser. 

 Small class sizes

We limit the amount of delegates on each course, to ensure better and more personalised learning. All the techniques taught on the courses emphasise safety and predictable outcomes for your patients every time.

Post-Course Support with 24/7 Online Support Forum

We have a dedicated online support forum for each module, with 24/7 support from Professor Khanna and our team of Ambassadors. All delegates on our courses are also provided with detailed, digital post-course digital information packs (Modules 1, 2 and X). Members of IAAFA are also able to access revision videos, should they wish to refresh their knowledge of a course or module. Learn more about our Support Services here.

Assurance of Patient Safety

Patient safety is our number one priority. We use ultrasound verification on our courses so you can rest assured you are performing safe treatment every time.


About Dr Bob Khanna

Mentoring & Support

Accreditations & Qualifications

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I have been in the aesthetic industry since 2006, I have attended lots of different courses, to date this has been the most valuable!

I did not think I could learn anything more and was pleasantly surprised!

Prof is absolutely meticulous, old school! By far my best course yet, I am desperate to get on to his next course!

When considering a course, please select the best!

Esther Loughran

Amazing day with the Lip Masterclass. Wouldn't even think to go anywhere else for my aesthetic training. Bob is and will remain to be THE man to go to for training or treatments as far as I'm concerned!

7* from organization, to content , to hands on.

Abeer Al-Adhami

Dr Bob Khanna's two day Ultimate Anatomy Cadaver Course perfectly consolidates anatomy and practice, focusing on safety.

It has tangibly increased my confidence levels whilst performing injectables.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone already established in, or at the start of their facial aesthetics career.

Sinead Saich

The Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute

I hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you what makes Prof Bob Khanna's training program so unique and exhilarating.

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We give our assurance that your professional development, in this most dynamic and exciting field is in the hands of the most competent of trainers.