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Can anyone attend the courses?

We pride ourselves on being leaders in the aesthetic industry and strive to always promote patient safety above anything else. For various reasons, our courses are strictly for medical professionals only. To attend our courses you must be a registered doctor, dentist, medical nurse, midwife, or prescribing pharmacist. We believe that it is only at this level of education that you have a real solid knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy, and as such, would be capable delivering safe results and dealing with any potential complications, where a non-medical professional might not (i.e. beauticians). There are a few instances (for example, with dental therapists), where non-prescribers are able to attend so long as they are accompanied by a prescriber. Please enquire for more information if you are a dental therapist.


There are many facial aesthetic courses available, why should I choose Dr Bob Khanna Training?

We are the first Medical Aesthetics Training Institute in the UK to be approved by the Royal Society for Public Health. We also take an extra layer of safety and use Ultrasound Verification on our courses, so you can rest assured that you are performing safe treatment. This is particularly beneficial to those who are completely new to aesthetics and are not yet confident with injecting. As well as this, Bob Khanna’s level of clinical experience is extensive and he is one of the very few dental surgeons in the UK to obtain his QCCP qualifications (Qualification Council for Cosmetic Procedures). He has earned a great deal of respect amongst his peers and many senior teaching establishments for his knowledge and lecturing skills. Places on our courses are in high demand and we are very proud that many delegates who attend are introduced to our training institute through personal recommendation.


Will I gain practical experience from the course?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to inject whilst being fully supervised on the course. A major element of the course is that we focus on a more hands on approach. The courses are designed to ensure that our delegates feel confident with injecting. Using the right technique you will be able to treat patients in a reassuring, safe and painless manner. You can see what a typical day as a delegate at our training institute would look like here.


If I need help after I have completed the course, will I be able to contact you? 

We are able to offer all of our delegates a dedicated support service with many added benefits. Full details on the support service can be found here.


What are the benefits of progressing to the advanced courses?

The majority of delegates who complete Module One do decide to proceed to Modules Two and Three. We have designed the courses in such a way that you would naturally progress from the beginners level to the more advanced learning so as to build upon the strong foundation provided by the elements in Module One. This will enable you to offer your patients comprehensive treatment from a global perspective in a safe and predictable manner.


How easy is it to obtain indemnity insurance? 

At the conclusion of each course day, you will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance which you will require in order to present to your chosen indemnity provider to obtain the requisite insurance. We are proud to be affiliated with Hamilton Fraser Insurance Solutions who offer exclusive savings to delegates who have attended Professor Bob Khanna’s Courses. You will be provided with all the relevant information and application forms when you attend for ease of reference.


Am I able to book multiple courses?

You can certainly book all the courses together and in fact, most delegates do. The courses within each Module run on successive days and this is often the preferred way to undertake the courses because each Module is specifically designed to provide you with all of the information and practical experience you will require to be able to then treat your patients.


Am I able to attend the BTX Level 3 course without having attended the BTX 1 and 2 courses in Module 1? 

Yes, you do not need to have attended any other of the Botulinum Toxin courses to attend this day. There are different considerations for treating bruxism as well as other TMJ related symptoms and as such, you would not necessarily require to have attended the Botulinum Toxin Courses in Module One prior to this particular course.


Are models provided for the practical sessions?

We are able to provide models, however we do encourage delegates to use their own chosen model for the practical sessions for various reasons;

  • To enable you to feel more comfortable treating somebody you know
  • To be able to select your own patient – discovering a suitable candidate
  • To be able to monitor the results of the treatment post-course
  • To be able to understand the treatment from a patients perspective
  • They are your first walking and talking advert


How do I know which course I should be booking?

As a guide: If you have a foundation level qualification in BTX and/or dermal filler but lack the confidence to carry out BTX and/or dermal filler treatments, you may choose to start from our Module 1 courses. If you already confidently offer these treatments, then you could start with our Module 2 courses to expand upon your current dermal filler and BTX skills to offer more advanced treatments. Once you have completed at least both days of our Dermal Filler Level 3 course, you can then attend our Module 3 Thread lift days. Module X course days can be attended by any medical professional regardless of whether they have previous facial aesthetics training or not and are suited to individuals who wish to expand their treatment menu to include injectable skin rejuvenation, PRP and injectable serums for anti-hair loss, as well as lipolytic fat dissolving injections. We also offer other courses you can complete to increase your confidence and expertise, such as the complications masterclass.


I have been in the aesthetic industry since 2006, I have attended lots of different courses, to date this has been the most valuable!

I did not think I could learn anything more and was pleasantly surprised!

Prof is absolutely meticulous, old school! By far my best course yet, I am desperate to get on to his next course!

When considering a course, please select the best!

Esther Loughran

Amazing day with the Lip Masterclass. Wouldn't even think to go anywhere else for my aesthetic training. Bob is and will remain to be THE man to go to for training or treatments as far as I'm concerned!

7* from organization, to content , to hands on.

Abeer Al-Adhami

Dr Bob Khanna's two day Ultimate Anatomy Cadaver Course perfectly consolidates anatomy and practice, focusing on safety.

It has tangibly increased my confidence levels whilst performing injectables.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone already established in, or at the start of their facial aesthetics career.

Sinead Saich

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