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3/6/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
4/6/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 2£685 +VATEnquire
5/6/20241 Dermal Fillers Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
13/6/2024 - 14/6/2024- Ultimate Anatomy Cadaver Course (2 days)£2500+VATEnquire
1/7/20242 Botulinum Toxin Level 3£899 +VATEnquire
3/7/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
4/7/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 2£685 +VATEnquire
5/7/20241 Dermal Fillers Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
19/7/2024 - 21/7/2024- Masterclass Weekend (Lake Como)Free*Enquire
1/8/2024X Skin & Hair£399 +VATEnquire
2/8/2024X Fat Dissolving£399 +VATEnquire
9/9/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
10/9/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 2£685 +VATEnquire
11/9/20241 Dermal Fillers Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
2/10/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
3/10/20241 Botulinum Toxin Level 2£685 +VATEnquire
4/10/20241 Dermal Fillers Level 1£685 +VATEnquire
24/10/20243 Thread Lift Part 1£995 +VATEnquire
25/10/20243 Thread Lift Part 2£995 +VATEnquire
28/10/20242 Dermal Fillers Level 2£899 +VATEnquire
29/10/20242 Dermal Fillers Level 3 - Part 1£899 +VATEnquire
30/10/20242 Dermal Fillers Level 3 - Part 2£899 +VATEnquire
31/10/20242 Botulinum Toxin Level 3£899 +VATEnquire
7/11/2024X Skin & Hair£399 +VATEnquire
8/11/2024X Fat Dissolving£399 +VATEnquire


BTX Level 1 – Beginner levels in Botulinum Toxin treatments for the upper facial region and more

BTX Level 2  Botulinum Toxin for the full face and more, including intra-oral (gummy smile) and hyperhidrosis (treatment for excess sweating)

Dermal Filler Level 1 – Dermal filler for the lips, nasolabial lines & mouth corners (needle application)

Dermal Filler Level 2 (The Lip Masterclass)  Advanced techniques for dermal filler in the perioral region, including Prof Khanna’s world-renowned HeartLips® technique

Dermal Filler Level 3 (Part 1) – Dermal filler techniques for tear trough rejuvenation and cheek sculpting

Dermal Filler Level 3 (Part 2)  Dermal filler techniques for the mid-face, including non-surgical rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and jawline sculpting

BTX Level 3 – The use of Botulinum Toxin in treating TMJ-related disorders such as Bruxism, headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain

Thread Lifting Part 1 – Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation using a variety of PDO threads

Thread Lifting Part 2 – Thread Lifting for the full face (the “non-surgical face-lift”) using PDO threads

SKIN – Injectable skin rejuvenation for all skin types and the most common skin complaints

HAIR – Anti-hair loss treatments using PRP and injectable serums for both hormonal and non-hormonal hair loss (in men & women)

FAT – Lipolytic injections (fat dissolving) for unwanted areas of fat on the face and body



I have been in the aesthetic industry since 2006, I have attended lots of different courses, to date this has been the most valuable!

I did not think I could learn anything more and was pleasantly surprised!

Prof is absolutely meticulous, old school! By far my best course yet, I am desperate to get on to his next course!

When considering a course, please select the best!

Esther Loughran

Amazing day with the Lip Masterclass. Wouldn't even think to go anywhere else for my aesthetic training. Bob is and will remain to be THE man to go to for training or treatments as far as I'm concerned!

7* from organization, to content , to hands on.

Abeer Al-Adhami

Dr Bob Khanna's two day Ultimate Anatomy Cadaver Course perfectly consolidates anatomy and practice, focusing on safety.

It has tangibly increased my confidence levels whilst performing injectables.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone already established in, or at the start of their facial aesthetics career.

Sinead Saich

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