Clinicians’s Guide: 2024’s Most Effective Anti-Hair Loss Treatments

Posted on: January 10, 2024

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4 Effective Anti-Hair Loss Treatments to offer your patients in 2024

Hair plays a huge role in our lives as it is often the first thing we notice about a person. It has the power to both positively influence a our self-esteem, confidence and how others perceive us yet it can also significantly trigger negative psychological effects including anxiety, stress, depression and decreased self confidence. 

It’s perfectly normal to lose between 50 – 100 strands of hair a day. However, what happens when we start to notice an excessive amount? Hair loss is is more common than we think and can affect both men and women of all ages. In the UK alone,  over 15.4 million people suffer from hair loss and some have even started to notice signs of it as young as 20 years old. Hair loss is a perplex condition which many clinicians are often unable to provide their patients with effective treatment plans for a long time due to the myriad of types and causes.

However, recent developments have since revolutionised the way both hormonal and non-hormonal hair loss can be treated in a non-surgical manner.  Here are 4 effective non-surgical anti-hair loss treatments that have been scientifically proven, for you to offer patients. 


1. PRP Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma, more commonly known as PRP, is a form of regenerative medicine that harnesses and amplifies the natural growth factors found in our blood cells to help heal damaged tissues. 

PRP therapy involves drawing blood from the patient’s arm and inserting it into a centrifuge device which spins rapidly to separate the blood into 3 layers; platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells.

The separated platelet rich plasma is then injected into the patient’s scalp to help stimulate hair follicles, encourage new hair growth and improve the overall health of the existing hair. 


2. Polynucleotides & other injectable serums for hair loss

Though PRP works as a stand-alone treatment, it is even more effective when paired with stimulatory ingredients.

There are already many effective hair loss serums on the market. At our Training Institute, delegates will learn all about different types of serums for both hormonal and non-hormonal hair loss, including the use of Polynucleotides, Pluryal Mesoline HAIR® and Pluryal Mesoline ANTIOX®. 

Pluryal Hair Density® (Polynucleotides)

Pluryal Hair Density is a polynucleotide product, designed to help with hair loss. It’s biostimulatory DNA stimulates hair follicles for new growth, increases blood flow to the scalp, improving overall hair quality and scalp condition.

Pluryal Mesoline HAIR® – for hormonal hair loss

Pluryal Mesoline HAIR® was specifically developed to target hair loss and hair conditions. It stimulates blood flow in the hair follicles, leaving hair feeling healthier, thicker and less prone to damage.

Pluryal Mesoline ANTIOX® – for non-hormonal hair loss

Pluryal Mesoline ANTIOX® contains antioxidants, amino acids and minerals designed for reparation, fighting free radicals and regulates greasiness.


3. Mesoporation

Mesoporation is the method of delivering active ingredients to the targeted area. Unlike Mesotherapy which uses ultra-fine needles to target the delivery of naturally rejuvenating substances, mesoporation is needle-free and treats the skin with harmless and pleasant radio waves. This enables active products to penetrate the skin by applying micro-currents to the skin, instead of injecting needles into the skin. With the help of the electrical impulses, the skin’s own vital substances such as collagen and hyaluron, as well as vitamins, amino acids and peptides or minerals, are infiltrated / or infused deep into the skin. This improves the overall health and quality of existing hair and promotes new hair growth.


4. Low-Level Laser Light Therapy – EVRL® Laser

It has long been known that low-level-laser lights stimulates cellular activity.

The EVRL® Laser is the newest addition to Erchonia’s non-thermal, Low-Level Laser Therapy series.

This FDA approved, cordless handheld device uses specific wavelength and frequency of light to enhance hair growth and improve thickness and fullness of hair. 


Interested to start administering these anti-hair loss treatments?

Join us for our “Module X: Skin & Hair” course! “Module X: Skin & Hair” is the perfect course for clinicians looking to offer patients a variety of non-surgical treatments for hair thinning, androgenic alopecia, post-transplantation recovery healing and telogen effluvium. Treatments include:

    • PRP
    • Polynucleotides (Pluryal® Hair Density)
    • Pluryal® Mesoline range
    • Mesotherapy & mesoporation
    • Non-thermal laser technology (EVRL device)


No prior knowledge or facial aesthetics training is needed to attend this course.

Learn more about this course here!  


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