Dermal Filler Level 1

Beginner training course in dermal filler and its uses in the perioral region, including lips, naso-labial lines & oral commissures

Our Dermal Filler Level 1 training course is the perfect introduction for any beginner wanting to start providing dermal filler treatments to their patients.

On this course, delegates will learn how to safely, confidently and effectively administer dermal filler in the perioral region, including the lips, naso-labial lines and oral commissures.

Dermal filler level 1 - training course at Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute
Dermal filler level 1 - training course at Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute
Beginner Levels in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
Advanced Levels in Toxin and Dermal Fillers
Advanced Levels in Toxin and Dermal Fillers
Beginner Levels in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
Advanced Levels in Toxin and Dermal Fillers
Beginner Levels in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
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This course is ideal for the complete beginner, but also serves as the perfect course for delegates that may have attended a beginner dermal filler training course elsewhere and feel unprepared, or wish to re-establish a solid foundation in this most important discipline and treatment modality.

A great emphasis is placed on mastering the current techniques for the various clinical situations, as well as techniques developed by Prof Bob Khanna himself which are used as a benchmark internationally.

Please note: To make the most out of your learning experience, we strongly recommend all beginners start their journey by booking all 3 courses within Module 1 consecutively.


Course learning content

Theory (AM)

  • Dermal Filler Theory
    • The history of dermal filler and its common uses in medicine
    • Pharmacology and toxicology
    • Anatomy and physiology: A global approach to treatment
    • Dosage, storage and reconstitution
    • How to achieve safe and predictable outcomes
    • Hyaluronidase: Why it’s important and how to use it in an emergency
  • Patient Management
    • Consultation /assessment
    • Post-operative advice
    • Managing expectations
    • Treatment indications
    • Contra-indications
    • Obtaining valid consent
    • Patient preparation
    • Complications management
  • Business & Marketing
    • VAT implications for cosmetic procedures
    • Indemnity information
    • Marketing: How to market natural aesthetics
    • How to get started and maintain a successful career in the world of Facial Aesthetics

Hands-on Practical Session (PM)

  • Prof Bob Khanna’s injection concepts & techniques
  • Taking before & after photos
  • Facial marking/mapping
  • Treating the lips
  • Treating the naso-labial lines
  • Treating oral commissures (mouth corners)
  • (Using the Pluryal® product range)
Learning outcomes of this course
  • Delegates will have the confidence to assess and consult their patients efficaciously
  • Delegates will have gained knowledge of the protocols & procedures surrounding dermal filler for the perioral region
  • Delegates will have an understanding of how to adequately treat patients safely and effectively
CE Credits: 7 Hours CPD
Price: £685 (+vat)

The course fee includes all materials used on the day, lecture notes and of course, lunch and refreshments.

You will be issued a certificate on completion of the course, which enables you to purchase product and obtain the necessary insurance.

Models are used on this course to ensure that you have obtained enough practical experience to treat your patients. If you would like to bring your own model, which we encourage to do so, please let us know.


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I have been in the aesthetic industry since 2006, I have attended lots of different courses, to date this has been the most valuable!

I did not think I could learn anything more and was pleasantly surprised!

Prof is absolutely meticulous, old school! By far my best course yet, I am desperate to get on to his next course!

When considering a course, please select the best!

Esther Loughran

Amazing day with the Lip Masterclass. Wouldn't even think to go anywhere else for my aesthetic training. Bob is and will remain to be THE man to go to for training or treatments as far as I'm concerned!

7* from organization, to content , to hands on.

Abeer Al-Adhami

Dr Bob Khanna's two day Ultimate Anatomy Cadaver Course perfectly consolidates anatomy and practice, focusing on safety.

It has tangibly increased my confidence levels whilst performing injectables.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone already established in, or at the start of their facial aesthetics career.

Sinead Saich

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